Swiss QR Code- Scanner SwissReader SR-200QR / SR-100QR :

  • The quickest and easiest way is to scan from paper with the Swiss QR Code-Scanner on the stand with a distance of approx. 10-13 cm between the scanner and the QR Code to be scanned. The most important thing is that the invoice with the QR Code lies still! When the QR Code has been correctly recognised, the scanner “beep” once briefly.
  • Scanning from the screen: For normal Swiss QR Codes with an average content of 300-450 characters, scanning from the screen works very well. If the document size is set to 100%, the distance to the screen should be between 11cm and 15cm. If you receive Swiss QR Codes printed at a very high level (level 23-25), they are actually very difficult to read. Sometimes it helps to enlarge the Swiss QR Code on the screen a little and the distance between the screen and the scanner accordingly. It is important that you try out on your screen from which side scanning works best. On one of our screens, scanning works best when the scanner is turned 90°.

Passport Reader :

  • You first have to get used to a handheld reader. Experience has shown that the identity cards can be swiped without any problems in a very short time. Sometimes the identity cards are not swiped fast enough. They need a certain basic speed of about 20cm/sec. The maximum swipe speed of the SwissReader is an incredible 1.5m per second! This corresponds to a reading speed of approx. 550 characters per second!