Model SR-4300U SwissReader: – The Dative Swiss Reader Model SR-4300U is a Multiline OCR Reader designed to read up to three lines of OCR data of the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) on ICAO 9303 compliant travel documents such as ID Cards, Visas and  Passports.

The Model 4000 Series SwissReader comes pre-configured and tested to your application’s requirements and is easy to install. Simply plug it into a USB port and you are ready to scan data into your application. It has programmable data editing functions that can meet your current requirements and future needs. It is ergonomically designed, functional, and cost effective. Powered from the USB port requiring no external power supply.  The recognition is performed in the slot reader requiring no software drivers/DLLs/SDKs to be installed.

Plug and play installation. The integrated USB- Keyboard- Interface (HID (Human Interface Device)) work with all PC‘s, Apple- MAC, ThinClient‘s and ZeroClient’s  under  the following operating systems, Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / CE, Linux, Apple MAC under OS X and more.

Works with Citrix, TerminalServer, Remote Acces, Virtual PC‘s (VMware) an Web based solutions.

The Model 4000 Series OCR Readers are built to Swiss quality standards and are based on leading edge OCR technology providing unmatched performance. Thousands of Dative Swiss Readers are installed worldwide in many demanding data entry applications requiring accuracy, performance and reliability.  The 4000 Series SwissReader’s provide fast, accurate data entry for all your OCR needs.

Features and Benefits
  • Reads OCR-A, OCR-B and Office Font Media

  • Model SR-4100U reads GIRO, Checks, Remittance Documents and more

  • Model SR-4300U reads Travel Documents Passports, Visas, ID Cards and more

  • USB Keyboard Emulation, Eliminates Keyboard Data Entry

  • Programmable Data Formats

  • Plug and play installation

  • Compact size, easy to handle and rugged

  • Compatible with all SW Applications

  • Payment Traffic, Banking Remittance Processing Applications

  • Municipal Government Tax Payments

  • Utilities, Charities Remittance Processing

  • Airline Check-In, Security

  • Immigration and Border Control

  • Hotel Registration Functions

    • Hotel Registration Functions
  • Multiple Programming Mode

  • Extended service contract for 24 months, (total 4 years)

Technical Data
Interface USB KBD Emulation; International keyboard support
Cable USB I/O Cable included (3m)
Dimension 180 mm (7.1 inch) × 60 mm (2.4 inch) × 33 mm (1.3 inch)
Weight 400 g
Voltage 5V+/-5% via USB, 250 mA max. (PoweredUSB)
Scanning Speed Variable 20 to 140cm/sec, 80 to 560CPS
Reading Window 23 mm
Reading Light Source Infrared or Visible (Red)
Certifications CE, FCC, WEEE, RoHS, IP54
Reliability MTBF* = 180.000h

* MTBF = mean time between failures