Accuracy and efficiency in document scanning application like border control and passenger service; with the DESKO PENTA document scanner there are no compromises. Passports, visas and any form of national ID cards – the PENTA Scanner ® is the smallest and most efficient full-page document reader. Fast and easy to use, the PENTA Scanner ® is the solid entry device for the unique technology portfolio of passport scanners from DESKO. Reliable, easy to use and extendable with a variety of modules, the PENTA platform is the perfect choice for your application.

Your Advantages
  • Full-page, passport and ID document reader with multiple light sources

  • Automatic recognition of passports and ID cards according to ICAO 9303

  • Upgradable with 4,3‘‘ multicolor touch display

  • Unparalleled connectivity with LAN or WLAN module (optional)

  • Intelligent device, PC integration possible for standalone solutions

  • NEW security glass – PERLUCOR ® ceramic coated glass (standard)

System Approach

Every industry – from border control & immigration environments, security & commercial service industry to passenger service and contract management – has its  specific objectives and requirements. Very often a basic solution must be individualized by additional components or features. To fulfill these customized concepts, DESKO developed a modular system of DESKO PENTA full- page scanners for ID data entry and verification. Module by module the PENTA Scanner ® evolves into a purpose optimized solution. The large scanning area supports ICAO and non-ICAO format documents, while the optionally available 4,3“ multicolor and touch display turn the PENTA Scanner ® in a full f unctioning self-service terminal. On board WLAN connectivity and battery power enable this leading technology for standalone operation. The single-step reading process: optical and RFID data reading without moving the document ensures user comfort. Moreover, the PENTA Scanner ® is available with different mounting options. Space-saving wall mount, theft protected base mount and even a pole mount for a flexible on-site field installation can be combined with the device.

  • High-Precision Optical Scan Engine: DESKO development for high speed imaging and barcode

  • ID and Passport Image Scanning Module: scans documents with three different light sources (VIS, IR, UV-A – optional)

  • Rugged Design: solid box, PERLUCOR ® security glass (standard)

  • OEM Solutions available: perfect for integration into gates or kiosks

Optional Features
  • RFID & NFC Reading Module: integrated RFID module is a dual antenna design that is especially designed for ePassport and NFC reading

  • Barcode Recognition Module: embedded barcode engine with 1D / 2D barcode reader

  • MSR Reading Module: integrated bidirectional magnetic stripe swipe reader (3-tracks)

  • Chip Card Module: integrated chip card reader

  • Standalone Device: battery pack (10 hours), WLAN / LAN connection and built-in PC

User Feedback
  • Light: integrated multicolor LED on the front. Two additional multicolor LEDs next to display (optional)

  • Sound: high and low volume control buzzer

  • Display: full-graphic multicolor display (optional) for individual graphics, display unit with touch technology


  • Host Interface: USB

  • LAN / WLAN / 3G interface (optional)

  • Machine-readable zone of OCR documents according to ISO / IEC 7501-1 and ICAO 9303 (e.g. ID cards, passports, visas)

  • RFID documents according to ISO 14443 (A / B), ISO 7816 (incl. US passport), ICAO 9303 (BAC, EAC, EAC2.0, PACE, AA, PA, TA, CA, ISO 18013 (BAP, EAP), PKI (BSI TR-03129)

  • 1D / 2D barcode documents printed on paper or presented on displays e.g. mobile phone

  • Magnetic stripe documents according to ISO 7811 / 2-5

  • Chip cards according to standard ISO 7816

Technical Data
Vcc 5 V +/- 5 %
Icc max. 2.5 A
Footprint L 219,9 mm (8.7 inches) × W 150,1 mm (5.9 inches) × H 144,7 mm (5.7 inches)
Scan Window L 94 mm (3.7 inches) × W 131 mm (5.2 inches)
Image formats JPG, BMP, PNG
Resolution 150 up to 500 dpi
Light Sources IR, visible light and UV-A (optional)
Status Indicator audible and visible status indicator
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