Single Line Swiss Bill OCR Reader

The Dative Swiss Reader Model SR-1000U is an OCR Reader design to read a single line of OCR-B EuroBanking data typically found on Swiss Bill processing documents. The Model SR-1000U is built to Swiss quality standards and is based on leading edge OCR technology providing unprecedented performance.

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Swiss QR Code- Scanner SwissReader SR-100QR/Barcode Scanner
  • Swiss QR Code- Scanner SwissReader SR-100QR for 2D and 1D Symbologies
  • Barcode CCD Scanner for 1D Symbologies
  • Barcode Laser Scanner for 1D Symbologies
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Passport Reader/Full- Image Passport Scanner/OCR Single Line Reader
  • Document reader for Passports, ID’s and driver licenses
  • Full-Image Scanner for Passports, driver licenses, visas and any form of national ID cards
  • Document verification system for Passports, driver licenses and any form of national ID cards
  • OCR single line reader
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The introduction of the QR-bill once more shifted ! The introduction of the QR-bill with QR-code was shifted at the 5th of July 2018 by SIX Interbank Clearing AG on the earliest in the middle of 2020 ! Media release of 5 July 2018: Find more informations about the QR-bill here: