The Dative Swiss Reader Model SR-1000U is an OCR Reader design to read a single line of OCR-B EuroBanking data typically found on Swiss Bill processing documents. The Model SR-1000U is built to Swiss quality standards and is based on leading edge OCR technology providing unprecedented performance. Thousands of Dative Swiss Readers are installed in demanding banking applications requiring high accuracy, performance and reliability. The Model SR-1000U is easily to install, via build in USB-keyboard emulation interface without any changes to your Hardware or Software (ISO-20022- EPO (pain)). The Model SR-1000U has programmable editing and formatting of data functions to meet any application‘s requirements. The Model SR-1000U is compact, ergonomically, easy to use and cost effective. The SR-1000U can easily be expanded to meet the QR Code requirements when required.

Works with Citrix, TerminalServer, Remote Acces, Virtual PC‘s (VMware) an Web based solutions. The SwissReader Series OCR Readers are built to Swiss quality standards and are based on leading edge OCR technology providing unmatched performance. Thousands of Dative SwissReaders are installed worldwide in many demanding data entry applications requiring accuracy, performance and reliability. The SwissReader’s provide fast, accurate data entry for all your OCR needs.

  • Compact size: easy to handle and rugged.

  • Reads OCR-B special Swiss (PostFinance) and office fonts like Courier, TimesNewRoman, Arial etc.

  • Reads Swiss Bill Documents and more.

  • ISR/ISR+ in CHF and EURO (Orange inpayment slip with reference number).

  • Reading Field from 3-25mm from bottom.

  • Bi-directional operation.

  • Programmable input/output data formats.

  • Plug and play installation.

  • The integrated USB- Keyboard- Interface (HID (Human Interface Device)) work with all PC‘s, Apple- MAC, ThinClient‘s and ZeroClient’s under  the following operating systems, Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / CE, Linux, Apple MAC under OS X and more.

  • Works with Citrix, TerminalServer, Remote Acces, Virtual PC‘s (VMware) an Web based solutions.

  • Automation that eliminates keyboard data entry.

  • Municipal governments.

  • Payment traffic.

  • Compatible with all Swiss-Payment-Software and Internet- Banking applications Interfaces.

  • USB Keyboard Emulation.

  • International keyboard support.

  • SwissReader Model SR-1000U with integrated USB- Interface.

  • USB- cable (3m) for PC, MAC, ThinClient and ZeroClient.

  • User-guide in English, French, German and Spanish.

  • Standard-programming for your software solution (ISO-20022- EPO (pain)) or your Internet Banking / E-Banking / PostFinance solution.

  • Warranty, 2-year factory warranty.

  • Multiple Programming Mode

  • Extended service contract for 24 months, (total 4 years)


From 1.7.2020 the parallel phase begins, where QR- bills AND ISR- bills must be recorded in the market. This parallel phase will last at least 2-3 years – a final date for the ISR- document has not yet been set.

Your investment protection

With the purchase of the SwissReader SR-1000U you are entitled to the QR- accessory at a special price of maximum CHF 250. 00 (instead of approx. CHF 400.00). The QR- code- scanner will be available approximately three months before the final introduction of the QR- bill. We will make you an offer in due time.

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Technical Data
Connection Interface USB (Universal Serial Bus), USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Input USB KBD Emulation; International keyboard support
Dimension 180 mm (7.1 inch) × 60 mm (2.4 inch) × 33 mm (1.3 inch)
Weight 400g
Voltage 5V+/-5% via USB, 250mA max. (PoweredUSB)
Scanning Speed Variable 20 to 140cm/sec, 80 to 560CPS
Reading Window 23mm
Optical Character Recognition Read one Line of OCR -B EuroBanking (special Swiss PostFinance) and Office fonts
Certiications CE, FCC, WEEE, RoHS, IP54
Reliability MTBF* = 180.000h

* MTBF = mean time between failures