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  • Spare parts: please only use original spare parts. Latterly, several SwissReaders, had been demolished by low grade and cheap adaptors.
  • USB Adaptor: please only use our USB-Adaptors. A commercially available USB adaptor provided for keyboards will not work.

Keybord is locked after scanning 1 – 4 characters or monitor is filled with wrong characters (for example “t”), with SwissReader Model 600

Swiss Reader Model 600 connected to ASUS PC’s:

When scanning, PC is locked after 1 – 4 characters or monitor is filled with wrong characters (for example “t”), LED Display on scanner remains red. Switch off the scanner and PC will function normally.

* Solution:
In case of PC problems with ASUS System Board, please print this page or download PDF-File, then  cut out switch-documents. In order to choose ASUS configuration, pull (forward) through the SwissReader the card with PC AT Special. After 3 seconds, the scanner will skirl 3 times**. SwissReader is now programmed for ASUS. In order to revert to PC standard programming, scan carte with IBM PC Standard

* This switch is possible with Firmware Version VA1-02 (Firmware version is printed on serial number label, among scanner)

** If scanner is charged with Firmware Version VA1-05xx or higher, it will only skirl once.